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Kathleen Lewis, AFP®

Name Kathleen Lewis AFP®
Company ARK Financial planning
Address PO Box 2480
Runcorn, QLD 4113
Phone 07 30365522
Mobile 0448275371

I am President of the Southside Chamber of Commerce, and also in my day to day life, I am a Financial Planner.

Predominantly, I look at how I can change peoples lives.

In the morning of someones life - adults from age 21-45 we have strategic conversations with clients about what really matters in their lives. Do they have children, are they considering the education of their children. Do they have a mortgage, are they protected if theunthinkable were to happen.

I seek to change peoples perception of what it is that matters to them.

For those in the prime of their lives - age 45-65 we start to have the conversation about longivity. We live in a world where the morbity age is increasing thanks to modern medicine.

Financially, this is significant. I say that for the first 50 years of someone's life, I am protecting them financially, from dying.

For the next 50 years of their life, I am telling them they need tobe able to fund their retirement to age 100 and above - because they won't die. This is also important for the intergenerational transfer of wealth - If your parents aren't dying until theage of 100, then you will not receive an inheritance until age 70.

There are three investments we can make - property (houses), Shares (either direct or managed), and Education - this is ongoing in everyones lives, and can change someones financial tragectory.

We help those who are in the sundown of their lives, to put in place strategies which willprovide a buffer to volatile Investment markets.This is done with care and pride.

We pride ourselves on being accessible, and providingholistic advice.

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