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Jeremy Morrison, CFP®

Name Jeremy Morrison CFP®
Company Warringal Financial ServicesProfessional Practice
Address 2/17 Burgundy Street
Heidelberg, VIC 3088
Phone 03 9459 2966

For most, a job is a means to an end and is often a chore, so I count myself as one of the lucky few that can honestly say I have a great passion for what I do and the ‘earn a living’ part is an afterthought. I don’t subscribe to the cliché that I enjoy being a Financial Adviser because ‘I like helping people’ as this is a non-negotiable. The true reasoning runs much deeper.

With my upbringing being an immersion in a family business, it was only natural that many facets of financial management and critical thinking were reinforced year after year, and were eventually complimented by years of higher education.

With this said, you’d expect that numbers and analysis would be the driving force behind my passion for my profession, but interestingly this is not the case. I was fortunate that many years ago, during my ‘apprentice’ years in the workforce, I realised it was people and their unique stories that made me turn up each day and enjoy what I do.

No matter how rich/poor, short/tall, happy/sad someone is, I genuinely like to hear their story as everyone has a unique history that has set the template for who they are and what their dreams are for the future.

Consequently for me, an advice relationship is about enjoying someone’s unique story, then determining if there are any ways a partnership can be built to harness personal ideals and resources, to allow financial freedom (or peace of mind) to blossom.

“So what’s your story?”

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