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Harry Goldberg, AFP®

Name Harry Goldberg AFP®
Address 9/17 Power Avenue
Alexandria, NSW 2015
Phone 0431 291 411

Hi, Harry Goldberg here - Coach, Adviser & Mentor at Purpose Advisory, loving husband and proud empowerer of all whom I engage with to grow and become greater versions of themselves.My career began in 2012 after finishing my Bachelors of Commerce & Economics. Long story short...during my time advising High Net Worth clients in Westpac Premium, it became apparent that to provide truly holistic advice in the way that client can benefit most, I needed to be free of the old, broken model of financial advice.Simply put, I am immensely passionate about helping clients, not just with their investments or insurance products, but more so with helping them identify their goals and true purpose and empowering them to manage their finances to allow them to live the life they dream of with the relationships they love, the health that invigorates them & the career they define as their mission.There are so many resources out there in the world that it can be exceptionally difficult to cut through to what is helpful and what isn't. I share my experiences, learnings and knowledge with clients to provide them with the most relevant & impactful information and strategies to not only manage their finances the right way, but to mentor them to be empowered to know it for themselves.This is what gets me out of bed each day - to bring more to the world than what I ever thought was possible before.

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