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George Tsakiris, CFP®

Name George Tsakiris CFP®
Company Advance Financial Planning Pty Ltd
Address Suite 1, Level 1
6 Pryor Street
Eltham, VIC 3095
Phone 03 94316828

I am a financial planner providing clear, individual financial leadership to ordinary people who don't always realise the affluence they've built.

In over 10 years’ experience as a financial planner, I've worked with hundreds of clients who have consistently entrusted me with helping them achieve their goals. I'm also one of the most highly qualified of my type, being a member of the Self-Managed Super Fund Association, Financial Planning Association and a Certified Financial Planner and SMSF Adviser Specialist.

In my experience, most of my clients come to me with one of five core issues:

1. They want to live the lifestyle they've worked hard to achieve but don't have clarity as to whether they can.
2. Absolutely want to retain choice and flexibility over their lifestyle, and don't want to go down any path that will remove that.
3. Hearing a lot of noise from friends and the media, and simply don't know whether they should follow suit. Paralysed into indecision and inaction.
4. Like the idea of taking control, but don't want to have to commit the time to making it happen because they don't have it.
5. Are reluctant to trust financial planners, and frequently have had a bad experience, so they don't want to deal with somebody who is only interested in being sold a specific product or feeling like there is any conflict around the advice.

The solution we provide to our clients is to provide them with comprehensive "crystal ball" modelling to show them if and how they can achieve their goals, which empowers them to act and shows them what's possible and what's not, and lay out the time frames that lay ahead.

Our clients are provided with the information they need, without the emotional noise and free from the conflict that is inherent in so many other advice firms

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