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Gary Winwood-Smith, AFP®

Name Gary Winwood-Smith, AFP®
Company Sydney Financial Planning
Address Suite 13, Edgecliff Mews
201 New South Head Road
Edgecliff, NSW 2027
Phone (02) 9328 0876
Mobile 0403 261 292
Email [email protected]

They say "money AIN’T everything" yet everything around me makes me want it.

Ever since I can remember I've been interested in money. The lesson of working hard for financial reward was instilled in me from a young age – delivering papers, washing cars, mowing the lawn, market stalls, packing groceries, I did it all as a kid in the quest for the latest Air Jordans.

I watched my parents work day and night so they could pay off their mortgage early. Daily sacrifices were made with this goal in mind. The plan was simple; work longer hours and pay off the mortgage ASAP, then we can live a little more in the future.

When we wanted something Dad would always say “money doesn’t grow on trees son”. I believed him until I heard “someone is sitting in the shade today because they planted a tree a long time ago”. This challenged everything I knew about money. I wanted to know more about these magical trees!

So I found a university course about money and what I was introduced to blew me away. A whole new outlook on money was presented to me – investing. I’d heard about this but I’d never seen anyone invest. I spent the majority of those 3 years in the campus library. I asked myself "where have these truths been all my life?" and "why hasn't anyone shared this with me?". The reality is, you only know what you know. I now recognise the power and peace of mind that comes with having a good understanding of money principles.

Is having a good relationship with money one of the secrets to happiness?...For me and my family it is. A happy life for us is when the balance between living today and aspiring for tomorrow is in equilibrium. This is what I strive towards, for my family and my clients. If this resonates with you and you'd like to share ideas please contact me.

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