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Nicholas Gyngell, CFP®

Name Nicholas Gyngell CFP®
Company Financial Lifetime Strategies Pty Ltd
Address 6 Churchill Street
Mont Albert, VIC 3127
Phone 03 95535271

I am really passionate about making a positive difference in someone's life. Ever since I was young I have felt a strong sense of empathy towards others and how they faired in life. It provides me with a genuine sense of fulfillment to being in a position where I knew I was able to make a real difference, play a positive part in a person's life, to be able to make their life better in some way. I am particularly interested in helping people with challenges in areas that I can personally relate to and understand well from my own life experiences. One of those areas is time management and how much of this limited resource we actually allocate to the areas of our life that we deeply value. It has been a journey of self discovery for me involving a lot of time and thinking to determine what I truly value that resulted in a change in career. Now I try to make a conscious decision every day to allocate adequate time to those areas of my life that bring me true meaning to ensure that my actions continuously remain aligned to my most deeply held values. My work has allowed me to apply these principles to the same challenges that play out in the lives of others. I can see how by not knowing or acting on these principles would affect not just an individual's own life but also those of their families. Wasting 'precious time' doing things that seem to be of interest or important at the time is a common mistake but in reality adds little value to your life or where you really wish to go in the long term.I feel privileged to be in a position where I am able to help people gain clarity about what is important to them, what they wish to achieve and to guide them along the most efficient path to achieve that goal. It gives me a sense of immense satisfaction to help people develop more certainty and clarity about what is important to them and knowing that someone has left my office in a better position to achieve their personal aspirations than when they arrived.

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