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David Hazlewood, CFP®

Name David Hazlewood CFP®
Company Knightswood House
Address Level 9, 121 Walker Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060
Phone 02 99590510

I specialise in working with successful business professionals with a passion for endurance sports, people in the peak of their careers who are not where they imagined they’d be financially and people who realise they need to finally get their ‘stuff’ together.When I first meet my clients, they often feel frustrated that they areearning good income but aren’t doing more with it (it comes in andout too easily…) and they are concerned they don’t have a strategy to consistently raise the bar to make the lifestyle they’re working so hard for feasible, both now and in the years ahead.I help them to get crystal clear on their dreams and goals so they cancalculate how to make them happen. Together, we reverse engineertheir desired outcomes and develop a blueprint to fund their adventures and get ahead financially - in a way they can be confident is sustainable.Ultimately, I help them structure their finances and maintain forwardmomentum so they can live a remarkable life.

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