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Bret Ambrose, CFP®

Name Bret Ambrose CFP®
Company Ambrose Advisory
Address 40 Ashgrove Avenue
Ashgrove, QLD 4060
Phone 07 3833 9699

THE INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL PLANNINGBret still remembers the pivotal moment in his career, indeed his life. It arrived in February 1995, after his studies, where Law had evolved into a Bachelor of Business; Bret was offered two jobs on the same day. Had he pursued the higher-paying role, today Bret would now be a State Government Auditor. Instead, he took the opportunity in Financial Planning.Whereas the Law was generally about conflict, he quickly realised Financial Planning was about helping people, guiding them and being on their side to create outcomes where everybody benefits. Bret accepted a job, but discovered his calling.From early in his career, Bret has found greater satisfaction seeing people live their dreams than in helping them hit financial milestones. Money is important as the enabler, not the outcome. This balanced approach comes from Bret’s parents, who were a big influence on him – Mum was empathetic and caring; generous with no expectation of return. Dad, a Supreme Court Judge, was pragmatic and analytical. The combination is evident in the team and clients of Ambrose Advisory today.AND TODAYBret is the Principal of Ambrose Advisory, a practice that specialises in organising and coordinating the personal financial affairs for families, widows and professionals including law firm Partners and Barristers.The Practice helps clients address the primary concerns of the wealthy when it comes to money; •

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