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Bradley Downes, CFP®

Name Bradley Downes CFP®
Company Progressive Financial Planners Pty Ltd
Address 45 King Street
Warners Bay, NSW 2282
Phone 02 49472233

I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with 25 years’ experience advising clients on building financial security. I help my clients to identify what an “ideal life” looks like for them and then help them set the plans in place to achieve their dreams. Basically, I help people make smart choices about money!I am the Founder and Director of Progressive Financial Planners. As you would no doubt know the world of finance changes and evolves rapidly which requires a 100% commitment to constant and never-ending education, training and development. My commitment to the Financial Planning profession has seen me for the past 4 years alone being asked to sit on a number of advisory boards such as the Product and Research consultancy group, the Advice consultancy group along with the New South Wales Financial Planners Association.On a professional level, I work closely with my client's accountants, solicitors, bankers, and other advisors to make sure there are open lines of communication, ensuring the best possible results for my client.I’m proud to say the vast majority of my clients are referred to me through the word-of-mouth recommendations of very happy clients or indeed the recommendations of other professionals such as accountants and solicitors. My highly professional team and I have successfully grown and developed Progressive Financial Planners to be the customer-focused businesses it is today.

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