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Andrew James Grinsell, AFP®

Name Andrew James Grinsell AFP®
Company Cooee Wealth Partners
Address Level 13
2 Park Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone 02 9125 2088
Mobile 0417 066 717

I believe that to provide financial advice that is truly in the best interest of clients, advisers must be free of the conflicts of institutional ownership. This enables advice to be provided in an environment where achieving a client’s objectives is the number one priority.
Having worked in financial services for more than ten years, within large institutions and small business, I have provided personalised recommendations to a diverse range clients across a wide variety of complex and simple strategies. These clients range from ultra-high net worth individuals seeking tax-effective investment opportunities through to retirees of modest means who are seeking to maximise their retirement income.
My experience has led me to recognise that being an adviser aligned to a bank or product manufacturer results in a limited range of products and strategies because of the need to drive investment flows to the institution’s own products. This conflict severely limits the ability to provide the best possible advice to clients.
As a Cooee Wealth Partner, I’m proud to be non-aligned with banks or product manufacturers. This allows me provide recommendations that are best suited to turning my clients’ goals and objectives into reality.

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