FPA Policy Platform

FPA releases new policy platform, ‘Affordable Advice, Sustainable Profession’

On 3 June 2020, the FPA released its policy platform for financial planning advocacy, ‘Affordable Advice, Sustainable Profession’

The policy platform will guide our advocacy with government, regulators and other key stakeholders over the next five years. It continues FPA’s long history of advocating for reform in financial planning for the benefit of consumers, practitioners and the Australian community. During 2019, hundreds of FPA members shared their views and contributed to the development of this policy platform when they responded to FPA’s discussion paper. We thank FPA members for the critical role they have played in shaping our new policy platform.

We have made 19 recommendations for action, ranging from achievable short-term goals to major, big-picture ideas. These include:

  • a range of recommendations about sensible and streamlined regulation
  • a focus on pursuing individual professional registration in place of corporate licensing for financial advice
  • renewing our call for tax deductibility of all financial advice.

FPA Policy Platform

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You can read more about the policy platform on page 14 of the June 2020 Money & Life magazine and share your views on your member-only online discussion forum, FPA Community.