Financial Mappers

Financial Mappers PRO – for advisers, brokers, accountants, has just been released! It allows service providers to share financial modelling with their clients utilising a visually appealing platform, to enable them to see future financial forecasts, and thus make the best financial decisions today.

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End User Advisers
Advice Process Steps Scope
Goal Identification
Benefits Engagement uplift
Cost per user per annum Charged per use per client
Time saving per client Assessed at 1 hour per client
Cost saving per client Assessed at under $1000
Integration Not at this time
Website embedding Yes
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite Cloud based – reliable internet access
Single sign on Yes
Data storage Financial Mappers has Dedicated Virtual Private Server Hosting. The VPS is hosted with Crucial Australia. Data transferred between browser and server is protected by the 256-bit RapidSSL Encryption The software holds no sensitive data such as date of birth. The software recommends that generic account names are used rather than account details such as bank account details.
Privacy standards Privacy Act 1988, Section 14 is the guiding standard. In short, a user of the software is able to remain completely anonymous. There is no identifying information (eg birthdate) that needs to be entered. They may choose to use an alias rather than their name. When client accounts are created, their emails are verified, to be certain of their correct ownership. When client information is shared with a Service Provider, such as a Financial Planner, only the planner linked to the client can see the information in the client’s account – and that is only when the client deliberately shares it with the planner. In this case the clients is ONLY identifiable by their name.
Limits on use No
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval Not disclosed