Perfectly scalable, an award winning global cloud platform that helps businesses connect with their customers.

ezidox™ eliminates as much as 75% of the time it takes to file, search for and retrieve documents. We stand by our promise to save you time and effort, no matter the size or scope of your business.

ezidox™ is a secure, compliant portal for any business requiring document collection and uploading such as Identity Forms, Policy Acknowledgements, Qualifications and Induction documents, Income Statements, Tax Returns, all easily, securely, named and indexed through high performance automation software.

Where customers need to provide documents to your organisation, ezidox™ has been designed as the most friendly, intuitive, mobile based application, delivering a proven, efficient and highly responsive customer experience.

Sectors who gain the most from ezidox™:
• Brokers
• Financial Services
• Accounting
• Human Resources

Whether you’re an independent business owner or a fortune 500 firm, ezidox™ has all the features that suit your document collection needs including:
• Tighten Cyber Security
Top level SSL certificate, IP blocking, data encryption, multi-factor authentication and more.
• Reduce time to benefit
Greatly reducing transaction completion times and errors, enables accelerated revenue for any transaction.
• Integration with eSignature platforms
Easy integrations with 3rd party electronic signature providers for best of breed functionality.
• Optical character recognition
Data field obfuscation (e.g. TFN redaction) and data extraction from documents (e.g. Driver’s Licence)
• Automated naming, filing and indexing
ezidox™ automates the entire process.
• Full Audit trail
All documents are stored securely for audit trails.

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End User Consumers and Advisers
Advice Process Steps Assessment
Benefits Document storage vault, protection and collection of customer information, a productivity enhancement tool, provision of an audit trail for documents and enhanced customer experience.
Cost per user per annum $499 per annum plus transaction charges
Time saving per client More than 3 hours per client
Cost saving per client Assessed at $500-$1000
Integration Is possible due to an open API structure
Website embedding Yes
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite Responsive website can be used on any device with all major Browsers Apps are available for iOS (Apple) and Android
Single sign on Yes
Data storage Microsoft Azure cloud platform in Australia. Supporting documents stored in cloud for audit trail but can be downloaded and used/stored wherever needed.
Privacy standards Australian privacy legislation
Limits on use Charged by transaction
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval Approved by several Tier 1 Banks as well as a range of mortgage/loan brokers and aggregators