Enzumo have released a Goals Based Advice Wizard for Xplan in 2018 which is now used in over 80 licensees and institutions. Enzumo have also developed an SOA solution for XPLAN Prime. It is expected that in 2019 a new business intelligence data solution using Tableau will be released.

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End User Advisers
Advice Process Steps Scoping of advice
Goal identification
SOA preparation
Benefits Goals based SoAs through Xplan
Process efficiency
Time saving
Cost to Serve Reductions
Compliance Benefits
Cost per user per annum Fees are charged at practice level and vary depending on size
Time saving per client Assessed at over 3 hours per client
Cost saving per client $501 – $1000
Integration Chant West
Website embedding No
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite Must have your own instance (site) of XPlan
Single sign on Not applicable
Data storage Data is stored through IRESS
Privacy standards View our privacy statement
Limits on use No
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval We have over 100 AFSLs (IFA, Mid-tier and Institutions) that use our templates. This information is available on request.