LRS® Life Risk Specialist Program

The LRS® Life Risk Specialist Program will give you a professional edge in a competitive marketplace and identify you as a specialist professional in the life risk advice area.

ABOUT the LRS® Life Risk Specialist Program

As a LRS® Life Risk Specialist professional, you will have furthered your knowledge in one of the fundamental disciplines within financial planning. The program has been updated to reflect the new Life Insurance Framework and is designed to help you explore business risk insurance with practical applications.

The LRS program is focused on the needs of professional practitioners and offered via two distance education units:

  • CFP 1 – FPA Professionalism Unit. This unit is offered three times per year. The assessment is an assignment only.
  • LRS 2 – Life Risk Principles for Professional Planners. This unit is offered twice a year. There are two pieces of assessment – an assignment and an exam.

To begin studying the program, you must be a current Financial Planner AFP® or CFP® professional and have completed (or be enrolled in) an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (ADFS) or equivalent. Once you start the LRS program, you have two years to complete all units. If you have completed CFP 1 in the CFP Certification Program, you do not need to repeat this unit.


If you have any questions about the program, please email or call our Education team on 1300 337 301.

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