Financial Planning Research Journal

In 2015, we collaborated with Griffith Business School to launch the Financial Planning Research Journal, Australia's first academic journal dedicated to financial planning.

This publication is very important for the financial planning profession. It provides a focal point for research around financial planning that is used to inform debate and policy, and ultimately raise standards across the profession.

Published online twice a year, the journal incorporates six peer-reviewed academic articles covering the full spectrum of the financial planning profession, with Griffith University providing the editorial services.

Financial planning research JOURNAL awards

The Financial Planning Research Journal (FPRJ), published by Griffith University on behalf of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) launched three new research awards in 2019.

The new awards are part of ongoing initiatives by FPRJ to provide an academic platform to discuss issues around personal financial planning and wealth management, changes in the financial planning industry, and the notion of professionalism in personal finance within Australia.

2020 FPRJ Award winners announced

The Financial Planning Research Journal Awards have announced the winners of three new research awards for 2019-20. Diane Johnson was awarded the Early Career Researcher Award and the Conference Travel Award while Suzanne Wagland, Sharon Taylor and Levon Blue were named joint recipients of the Best Paper Award.

Each award is worth $1,500, and the joint winners of the Best Paper award are splitting the award between them. The prize money will be used to promote a global perspective on research in Financial Planning for the benefit of the profession and the general public.

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View the eligibility, assessment criteria and application process for each award below.


See below the timeline for 2020 applications:

Activity Timing
Applications/nominations open for the awards 24 August 2020
Applications/nominations close 3 September 2020
Winners to be announced 14 September 2020
Early Career recipient presents paper at the Academy of Financial Services Virtual Conference 29 September 2020
Winners receive award prizes 29 September 2020


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