A digital advice platform that suggests it can be used to attract, engage and retain clients – particularly aimed at super funds. Decimal say that Decimal is the only digital advice technology solution to have its offering independently assessed against ASIC’s RG255 – During 2017 Decimal is delivering a full ‘mobile first’ optimised advice experience allowing end-to-end advice delivery and implementation via smartphone. This capability already exists within Decimal but is being optimised to support mobile first content strategies and the latest responsive design practices.

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End User Advisers
Advice Process Steps Scope
Benefits Process efficiency
Engagement Uplift
Time saving
Cost Reductions
Cost per user per annum $1000-$1999
Time saving per client More than 3 hours per client
Cost saving per client $500-$1000
Integration Open architecture so it can integrate with any software.  Notably it has connections with XPlan, Midwinter, Adviser Logic, Advice Intelligence, Coin and CCUBE
Website embedding Yes
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite Requires internet access
Single sign on Yes
Data storage 100% cloud based hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure within AWS primary data centres in Australia
Privacy standards Australian Privacy Act with governance based on ISO 27001
Limits on use No user or client restrictions
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval Current clients include industry, retail and government superannuation funds