Cashwerkz –  secure online platform for term deposits.

Cashwerkz is a solution providing simplicity, trust and choice to your customers.

Within ten minutes you can have a client up and running and ready to place a term deposit with a provider of your choice. The account is set up in their legal name (without any third party discretion or transfer of funds to Cashwerkz).

Managing maturing term deposits and switching between providers is just as easy. The ‘know your client’ obligations are streamlined through an innovative application process.

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End User Consumers and Planners
Advice Process Steps Implementation
Benefits Process efficiency saving time for the planner.
Cost to serve clients is reduced
Compliance Benefits
Cost per user per annum Zero cost to the investor and adviser
Time saving per client One to Three hours per client
Cost saving per client It is dependant on the investment.
Integration We are integrated with XPlan and provide CSV exports
Website embedding Cashwerkz has an open API for which means that advisers can provide information to their clients, such as current rates, as long as they are operating in a secure environment.  Clients can also have read-only access to Cashwerkz if they do desire and this link can be provided from the advisers’ website.
White labelled Cashwerkz can offer co-branded landing pages. But we do offer API integration of rates, order placement/maturity.
System prerequisite No System requirements. Logistically, Licensees needs to engage with Cashwerkz and the adviser has to be authorised to provide advice in deposit products in order to approve transactions.
Single sign on Currently on our roadmap for development.
Data storage All data supporting KYC/AML is collected and stored in the highest level encrypted manner, and only stored in Australia.
Privacy standards Cashwerkz adheres to all requirement of the Privacy Act 1988 to protect the personal information of users. Cashwerkz also follows Australian Privacy Principles guidelines (APP guidelines. Any sensitive or confidential data is encrypted and stored on shore. All Cashwerkz staff are trained in compliance, risk, privacy and consumer law.
Limits on use No
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval AFSL 459645 ACN 164806357
Execution services and general product advice.