CashDeck are about to release a white labelled planner solution that will allow planners to distribute an Apple/Android wealth management app to their clients. The system has been implemented in a way that provides cost effective solutions even for individual planners and users can easily share their financial information as required.

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End User Consumers and Planners
Advice Process Steps Scoping of advice
Goal identification
Assessing finances
SOA preparation
Benefits Process efficiency
Engagement Uplift
Time saving
Compliance benefit
Cost per user per annum $500 – $999
Time saving per client One to three hours per client
Cost saving per client Unable to determine
Integration We have open APIs and can integrate with any provider. We have recently integrated with Ezidox.
Website embedding Yes
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite No
Single sign on Yes
Data storage Australian data centres. We store bank, credit card, mortgage, loan, investment, super, credit score and property data down to transaction level.
Privacy standards We adhere to ISO 27002 and are currently working towards ISO 27001 Series standards.
Limits on use No
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Yes
AFSL approval Not disclosed