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Business HealthCheck assessment

A comprehensive diagnostic tool for your business

As an FPA Professional practice, we are pleased to offer you the complimentary HealthCheck, assessment, normally valued at $850.

The HealthCheck is provided by Business Health and is an independent and objective review of your practice against others in the industry. The HealthCheck is an online questionnaire and covers both qualitative and quantitative aspects of your business. Covering every key areas of your practice, the assessment will ask you a range of online questions, taking between 30 – 45 minutes to complete (you can even decide to complete this in stages).

The HealthCheck assessment will provide you with an independent assessment of your strengths and weaknesses across 30 different areas. You’ll also receive a comprehensive, easy- to-understand report which provides information and ideas to help you improve the efficiency and value of your business.

How to take the HealthCheck assessment

To take the HealthCheck assessment, register your interest by emailing [email protected]