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Business Health: CATScan

See your business through the eyes of your clients

Through our ongoing relationship with Business Health, we’ve arranged for FPA Professional Practices to access their CATScan client satisfaction survey facility at no cost!

The CATScan, which normally costs $990, allows you to see your business through the eyes of your clients. The findings from the client satisfaction survey give a practical, easy-to-digest and honest appraisal of how your business is performing from the perspective of your most valued clients.

The report provided to you will be benchmarked against a database of over 45,000 client responses. In addition, qualitative responses and all client commentary is captured and fed back to you.

With the turnkey CATScan process, all advisers need to do is select the clients they want to include in their survey and invite them to participate – Business Health does the rest.


Research shows that only 45% of Professional Practice members survey their clients and on average these firms are generating 122% more profit per principal than their Professional Practice peers.


For more information regarding the CATScan and how it may help develop and improve your practice, email [email protected]

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