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Start turning your dreams into goals

by Michal Bodi AFP®

We all have dreams. And we love to talk about them. We know exactly what they mean to us and how they make us feel. Reaching these dreams and making them true means that our lives matter. But most people don’t succeed and don’t realise their dream potential. Why?

What successful people do differently is that they also have goals. And it’s having goals and a plan to reach them what separates them from the pack and helps them achieve their dreams.

How do we set goals? Here are some practical tips:

  1. Think about your dreams and what they make you feel. Think about why you feel that and what it would mean to you to realise these dreams. Write notes.
  2. Write them down (include the notes from point 1). Unless we write our dreams down, they will forever remain in our head. Prioritise them, start with the ones important enough for you to take action and do something about. It’s the very process of writing your dreams down when you start transforming them into your goals.
  3. Match them with pictures – do this for every dream you have and display them in your home. Somewhere you look every day. This might sound silly but visualising is a very powerful trick especially at times when we feel like giving up. It’s when these pictures will remind you why you are doing what you are doing.
  4. Share them -You need a commitment to make to yourself. I find social media to be a great way to do this. Once you make your dreams public, it cements them in. They are official now.
  5. You have done as much as you can on your own. The next thing to finalise your dreams into goals is to make them specific. Time and dollar specific. This can only be done by a third party – a financial planner. They specialise in goal formulation and creating the journey – financial plan – to reach your goals and dreams as well as ensure you stick to your plan. Visit a few firms, take your time and find the right one. Someone who will ask the right questions and you will feel comfortable that they understand what is important to you and why.

You will eventually find that it’s not necessarily reaching your goal itself but it’s the actual process of getting there, the excitement of the progress that made you feel happy. You will also have a blueprint and know what to do in order to successfully reach your next destination. Go ahead – what’s your next dream?


Michal Bodi AFP®
Sydney Financial Planning