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Financial planning is not just about investing money

| by Matthew Ross, CFP®

The role of a financial planner is not just to invest your money, but rather to show you what you can do with your money. Don’t get me wrong, investing is part of what we do but it isn’t why we exist; our primary role is to help you to use your money to get what […]

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My Portfolio Rules!

With the blockbuster hit series ‘My Kitchen Rules’ dominating TV ratings, consider the similarities between developing a successful portfolio and creating a successful restaurant quality dish. Investing is like cooking; great chefs demand the best ingredients, know which ingredients produce which results, mix ingredients in the right amounts and continually taste and adjust.  Creating a […]

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5 steps to successful investing

| by Simon Wotherspoon, CFP®

Invest for the long term and look through the short-term – investing is, as they say, a zero sum game – in each transaction there’s a winner and a loser.  You’re highly unlikely to get it perfect every time but you can minimise potential investment losses by investing for the long term.  Investing well is […]

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Inheritance – what to do

| by Anne Graham, CFP®

I’ve just received a large inheritance – now what do I do? I saw a new client last week who is about to receive a significant amount of cash. Jane* has done it pretty tough over the years and wants to make sure she looks after herself and her family as she realises the decisions […]

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Last Chance at the Pension Bonus Scheme

Your last chance to register to claim the Pension Bonus is fast approaching. In fact, you only have until the end of the month (28 February 2014) to register. What is the Pension Bonus Scheme? The Pension Bonus Scheme (PBS) is a scheme to encourage older Australians to remain in the workforce beyond their pension […]

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Retirement Planning

by Dave Rae, CFP® Retirement planning isn’t just about how much money you need One of the discussions I have with clients is around what’s important to them. These discussions are about getting deeper than just the financial aspects of their life, it’s understanding what fulfils someone. What do they want to be able to […]

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Start turning your dreams into goals

by Michal Bodi AFP® We all have dreams. And we love to talk about them. We know exactly what they mean to us and how they make us feel. Reaching these dreams and making them true means that our lives matter. But most people don’t succeed and don’t realise their dream potential. Why? What successful […]

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Business Succession Planning

by Amanda Cassar, AFP® Have you heard about Contingency Planning but not sure what it’s about? Basically, it’s protecting assets and owners of your business from liabilities that result from unfortunate circumstances. It’s easy to overlook financial considerations when running a business.  Most business owners make no provision for what will happen when it’s time […]

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How to Choose a Financial Planner

by Renee Hush CFP® The value of financial advice can be priceless, but taking that first step in selecting a financial planner and going to see them can be daunting. You are selecting someone to help you achieve your goals, manage your money, give you advice and most importantly to trust. So it is a […]

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