Abracadabra Business Service

After 15 years of building and fine tuning a Workflow Management System within our own successful Financial Planning practice, Abracadabra have release The Abracadabra Workflow Management System. Acting as an end to end navigation system for Xplan, the system enables advisers to utilise Xplan easily and effectively for the day to day operation of their business. It manages the consistent delivery of CVP’s and ensures FOFA obligations are met.

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End User Planners
Advice Process Steps Implementation
Benefits Manage CVP
Manage all FoFA requirements
Inbuilt Procedure Manual for staff training
Process Efficiency
Engagement Uplift
Time saving
Cost to serve reductions
Compliance Benefit
Cost per user per annum $500 – $1000
Time saving per client More than three hours per client
Cost saving per client Savings relate to business rather than client. Once implemented savings equal a minimum of 1 admin wage ($45 – $65k p.a.)
Integration XPlan
Website embedding Not applicable
White labelled Yes
System prerequisite The system is currently available for integration into Xplan. We are researching the viability of other providers.
Single sign on Not applicable
Data storage Within XPlan
Privacy standards Not applicable
Limits on use No
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans Business Continuity Plan only
AFSL approval We haven’t sought approval from any AFSL’s however Macquarie Bank are promoting through their channels and we are in discussion with a number of other licensees. It’s worth noting that The Abracadabra Workflow Management system was released in April 2018.