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Pro Bono Service

The FPA Pro Bono Service acts as a central hub, providing a link between financial planners and opportunities to provide pro bono advice.

About the FPA Pro Bono Service

The FPA Pro Bono Service aims to provide a sound framework within which professional financial planners can give assistance to Australians who are financially disadvantaged and who would otherwise not be able to afford financial advice, and to non-profit organisations that work on behalf of those who are marginalised or living in difficult circumstances within our society.

Through this Service, the FPA seeks to facilitate the provision of pro bono financial advice that will enable people to more effectively manage change in their personal and working lives, to take control of their financial circumstances and to plan for long term self-reliance.


To participate in the FPA Pro Bono Service, FPA members must:

  • Hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation, Financial Planner AFP® designation or have enrolled in the CFP® Certification Program
  • Have completed the registration form to be added to the FPA Pro Bono Program
  • Have their form countersigned by their licensee.

Once the FPA has confirmed they are registered as a pro bono financial planner, they must provide pro bono advice in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The financial advice will be provided at no cost to the client
  • The planner will fulfil all the regulatory and professional requirements of providing personal financial advice, as defined under the Financial Services Reform Act and the Corporations Act, and by the FPA’s Code of Professional Practice
  • Pro bono advice will be given with the same degree of competency, expertise and professionalism and to the same high standard as any other work undertaken for a fee paying client
  • The planner will refrain from using the pro bono role in any way to promote their financial planning business

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